Avoid Getting Banned by Google Ad Manager | Essential Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes Keeping your Google Ad Manager account compliant with policies is essential to ensure the continuity of your advertising campaigns. One of the most critical steps is to ensure your URL is approved by Google before displaying any ads. Displaying ads without proper approval can be considered fraud, resulting in the blocking of ads on your […]

Essential Acceptance Criteria from Alright: Ensuring Your Connection and Monetization

Essential Criteria for Alright Onboarding

Reading Time: 2 minutes In your onboarding journey with Alright, correctly following each step is crucial for the approval of your request and the release of your network code. To facilitate this process, we have created this document to guide you through each step and understand in detail the acceptance criteria. Important: To avoid any issues in the process, […]

How to Complete Your Identity Verification Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes To enhance the security of our network code request system and make our process more efficient, we require a streamlined online identity verification. This guide will walk you through the essential steps of using platforms like Sumsub for identity verification, ensuring you understand what to expect and how to prepare for a successful validation. Getting […]

Elevating Your Content Revenue: A Publisher’s Guide to Mastering Ad Manager Setup

Reading Time: 7 minutes For publishers looking to monetise their content, mastering Ad Manager setup is essential. We’ve created a specialised, free certification to help publishers maximise their online revenue, available at academy.alright.global. This certification is essential for those who want to effectively improve their advertising strategy. Starting with the basics of an MCM Invitation – Manage Account (MA), […]

How to Enable and Setup API Access in Google Ad Manager

Reading Time: 2 minutes This essential guide details the steps for enabling API access in Google AdManager, a critical process needed to connect your network code. By integrating third-party services through API access, you streamline operations and unlock new functionalities. Follow this step-by-step manual, enhanced with visual content, to ensure seamless integration with services such as the Alright API, […]

Navigating Click and Impression Integrity in Google Ad Manager

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the realm of Google Ad Manager (GAM), the integrity of ad performance metrics is paramount. Fraudulent practices like manipulating clicks or impressions can distort performance data and may even lead to account termination. This post delves into ways to ensure legitimate ad interactions and avert penalties, focusing on straightforward and honest strategies. Understanding the […]

Optimizing Ad Revenue with Google Ad Manager: Strategies Beyond the Click

Reading Time: 2 minutes Navigating the digital ad inventory landscape, Google Ad Manager (GAM) stands out as a sophisticated platform that transcends the limitations of single payment models, offering unparalleled flexibility for publishers. Unlike AdSense, known for catering to small and medium-sized publishers with payment models primarily based on clicks (Cost Per Click, CPC) and impressions (Cost Per Thousand […]

The power of your ad placements

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ad unit  placement on a page is not just a matter of visibility; it’s a complex strategy that directly affects user experience, engagement, and monetization effectiveness. Missteps in ad placement can not only diminish revenues but also harm a website’s reputation in the eyes of users and advertisers. Implications of Poorly Strategized Placements Interference with […]

Inside of Google Ad Manager Content Policies: A Guide to Avoiding Violations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Google Ad Manager (GAM) is a sophisticated platform designed to enable publishers to manage and optimize their advertising campaigns effectively, maximizing the monetization of their digital spaces. This integrated system offers advanced advertising solutions, merging ad management across various formats and devices, including display, mobile, video, and more. However, the freedom to publish ads comes […]