We understand that sometimes navigating through processes can be confusing, which is why we’ve designed a straightforward step-by-step guide below to help you effortlessly follow along.

By designing this guide our concern involved quality, safety and performance.

Take a moment to review the steps outlined below. Let’s get started on your journey!

Google Login

Please login with your Google account

Basic personal registration

Fill in with your basic and personal information for registration purposes

Identity verification

Submit your personal document and/or ID according to the instructions

alright academy certificate

Visit Alright Academy to achieve your certification, by completing our courses

Submit your certification to be verified

Complete our courses in order to better understand on how to properly set up your Google AdManager. We’ve recently found out an issue envolving the GPT tag which is leading to financial losses to your website, based on Google policies. With our courses, you’ll understand how to correcly insert this tag and avoid losses

Registration of up to 1 network code on the Alright platform

Insertion of API email and API user check into your Google AdManager

After completing our course, you’ll be entitled with one connection, which will be audited by team. Any need of adjustments you will be notified by our team.

Alright sends the invitations

Once you accept the invitation to join Google AdExchange, please confirm you’ve have set up your Google AdManager so we can move on to the next step

Your set up will be reviewed by our team. Any need of adjustments you will be notified.

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