Connecting Publishers to Google Ad Manager with Alright Network

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Leonardo Couto
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 To enhance your advertising strategies, you can use Google Ad Manager (GAM) as a vital resource. The Alright Network offers a streamlined pathway for you to connect with GAM, simplifying the integration process. This guide outlines the steps necessary to facilitate this connection, empowering you to leverage your digital assets more effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect with GAM through Alright Network

To begin, you must visit the website

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect with GAM through Alright Network

Step 1: Google Login

Initiate the process by visiting the Alright Network’s login page. Log in using the Google account linked to your Google Ad Manager account. This step is critical for aligning your Alright Network profile with your GAM account, ensuring a cohesive integration.

Step 2: User Validation

Upon successful login, enter your basic contact information. It is imperative that all details are accurate and verifiably yours. This early stage of verification is essential for establishing a foundation of trust and security.

Step 3: Country Selection

Identify your country of operation. This information enables Alright Network to customize its services and support according to your geographic needs, facilitating a tailored integration experience.

Step 4: Role Identification

Clarify your role in relation to your website’s operation—be it as the site owner, developer, or another key position. Accurate role identification helps Alright Network understand your specific needs and how best to support your objectives.

Step 5: Government ID Number

For identity verification and to enhance the platform’s security measures, you’re required to provide your government ID number. This essential step confirms your identity, contributing to a swift and secure verification process.

Step 6: Identity Verification Photo

Complete the verification by uploading a photograph of yourself holding your identification document, with the previously entered information visible. Also, include a piece of paper with the current date. This measure ensures the integrity of your application.

Obtaining the Alright Certificate

Following these initial steps, your next move is to acquire the Alright certification. This complimentary certificate equips you with the necessary instructions for correctly setting up your site with GAM. Receipt of your Network Code from Alright, essential for the GAM connection, is exclusive to certified users.

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