Important Change in the Academy Starting 06/15

Reading Time: 2 minutes Starting June 15th, the Academy will undergo a significant change: Our “Google Ad Manager Masterclass: Your Guide from Invitation to Revenue” certification will cost $50 for new enrollees. This change aims to ensure the continued quality and improvement of the content offered, as well as provide platform enhancements. Since its inception, the Academy has strived […]

How to Maximize Your Revenue with Google’s Tag Editor: Complete Tutorial

Reading Time: 3 minutes For publishers looking to maximize their earnings with digital advertising, implementing the correct ad tags on their sites is crucial. Google offers two main options for deploying ad units: the Google Publisher Tag (GPT) and the Ad Exchange Tag (ADX). However, the ADX Tag is deprecated and no longer receives updates, whereas the Google Publisher […]

Connecting Publishers to Google Ad Manager with Alright Network

Reading Time: 2 minutes To enhance your advertising strategies, you can use Google Ad Manager (GAM) as a vital resource. The Alright Network offers a streamlined pathway for you to connect with GAM, simplifying the integration process. This guide outlines the steps necessary to facilitate this connection, empowering you to leverage your digital assets more effectively. Step-by-Step Guide to […]

Alright at the Forefront: Combating News Deserts in Brazil

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alright, an innovative Brazilian startup, has been making significant strides on the national stage by tackling one of the media market’s biggest challenges: eliminating “news deserts.” These areas, characterized by a scarcity or complete absence of local journalistic coverage, compromise the public’s access to relevant and high-quality information. Through its advanced technological expertise and a […]

Innovation Recognized: Alright Wins Google Innovation Awards

Reading Time: 2 minutes Innovation Recognized: Alright Wins Google Innovation Award for Pioneering In-Stream Video Solution Alright won the Google Innovation Award for its “in-stream video content solution” at the GCPP Summit in Chicago in November 2022. This event is a unique occasion for Google’s strategic partners to share knowledge, learn about success stories and stay up to date […]

Following Multi-Million Investment, Alright Accelerates Technology Investments for the Media Market

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the wake of significant financial backing, Alright is at the forefront of advancing technology investments within the media industry. Founded in 2015, the company has been pivotal in harmonizing the relationship between publishers, brands, and audiences through the integration of expert knowledge and innovative technologies. This commitment to innovation has positioned Alright as a […]